About our Founders

David Greenough and Stephen Bowen

David first learned of UVC while serving in the United States Air Force as a Munitions System Specialist in 1992. At the time, the USAF was using UVC to sterilize the areas where missiles were built and stored. It would be nearly 20 years later before he would encounter UVC again when his brother would receive a kidney and pancreas transplant at Duke University Medical Center. Thankfully, the experts at Duke utilize UVC to disinfect their rooms and his brother was able to recover fully from the traumatic surgery. 

Stephen's story ended much differently. Stephen's Grandfather entered a local hospital for routine surgery and while in the hospital he acquired an infection that would, unfortunately, take his life. After this unfortunate death, David and Stephen learned 1 out of 20 Surgeries in the USA results in an infection according to the CDC. They came together to start USUV Cleans to provide a proactive and practical solution for their communities.

While working with the Santee Lynches Regional Council of Government, David and Stephen began looking for longer-term solutions. They knew that the 254 nm UVC treatments were effective in treating the buses but these units were not practical for everyday use. They began to dig further on UVC Technology and decided that FAR-UVC 222 nm was the answer. FAR-UVC 22nm operates safely in occupied spaces.